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Tradelines are lines of credit reporting on your credit report, your credit card, home loan, auto loan, student loans etc. etc. are all considered credit tradelines. This is how it works, we add (AU) Authorized User Tradelines to your credit report to increase the credit score, add credit stability, decrease debt to ratio and most importantly to make you creditworthy. The way we accomplish this is by adding you to a credit card with a determined amount of age and limit as an Authorized User. This process is also known as “credit piggybacking”. Our AU Trade lines will report as “open accounts” for a period of 30-60 days, after that period they will eventually report as “closed accounts” but will remain on your report and help maintain the credit score. We guarantee all lines to post as “open accounts” for a period 30 -60 days from the card statement date but if you require more time please request a quote for a longer period. We guarantee the posting of all trade lines on at least 2 of the 3 credit bureaus. If a line only posts to one bureau we will attempt to merge it on a 2nd bureau or add it to another card. Please understand that from time to time cards either get shut down or do not post, we ask that you be patient going into this and understand that the process could or may have a delay of a few days or even a couple of weeks. All trade lines post 7 days after the card statement date.

Social Security numbers only: Fraud Alerts:

Make sure to remove any fraud alerts or security freezes that you have on any of the 3 credit bureaus before attempting to add trade lines. Failure to do so can delay the process.


In 2018, Credit Avengers wanted to serve the average American consumer by educating them on the importance of credit and to have the opportunity to get lower costs and better terms for their credit loans.

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